South Florida Business Consulting Company Establishes Marketing Plan For National Vapor Pen Business

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Ambition Insight – a Fort Lauderdale web development, business consulting, and social media management company – has partnered with Dr Dabber to maximize social outreach, optimize marketing efforts, and increase sales.

A national vapor pen and vapor pen accessory company, Dr Dabber continues to provide the highest quality electronic smoking devices on the market. Their industry leading selection of vaporizing tools provides slow heating, high resistance electronic smoking technology that will satisfy any smoker’s concerns with other products.

The partnership will assist Dr Dabber in providing luxury electronic smoking devices to an increased market, both domestically and internationally. Through enhanced sales driven marketing, optimized social media practices, and keyword targeting we will ensure that more customers will experience these quality electronic smoking devices.

Ambition Insight continues to utilize professional web development, social media management, and business consulting practices in helping businesses nationwide experience increased web traffic and revenue.

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Dr Dabber – Premium Vapor Pens and Vapor Pen Accessories

Our analysis began by conducting a thorough review that examined more than 20 competitors and all of their business practices. Each company was extensively analyzed in areas ranging from social media presence, brand activation strategies, giveaways, imaging, consumer engagement, keyword analysis, online advertising strategies and more.

We also conducted a site-wide analysis of Dr Dabber’s existing website, identifying areas that could be optimized through increased social media engagement, calls to action, sales driven text, and increased consistency throughout the entire website.

We landed at our short and long-term objectives through meticulously identifying all areas where the competition was succeeding in addition to where they seem to have shortcomings.

These shortcomings are potential market opportunities that will allow Dr Dabber to continue to flourish.

After thoroughly reviewing all direct competitors we were able to establish a strategy that we are confident will set Dr Dabber apart as the leading vapor pen and vapor pen accessory provider.

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By Brett Napoli

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