Enhance Your Business With Premium Mobile Website Design

As technological trends continue to shift it is becoming increasingly important to integrate a mobile website into your business.

Mobile is already beginning to rival desktop consumption and soon surpass traditional desktop browsing. By 2016 it is estimated that $31 billion dollars will be generated through mobile commerce, more than a 50 percent growth from just two years ago. With mobile clearly emerging as the future of the internet, it is as important as ever to invest in quality mobile website design.

Why should you invest in quality mobile website design?

south florida mobile website design
If your mobile website is not user friendly, you could be pushing away your customers forever.

According to recent data collected by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, 91 percent of adults in the United States own a mobile phone with more than 61 percent of those users owning a smartphone. The appeal for mobile commerce and consumption lies in the flexibility provided by mobile devices. By 2015 it is estimated that more than 43% of mobile users will be making purchases on their smartphones.

The fastest growing communications channel in history, mobile websites provide users with immediacy and instant access. This is allowing companies to leverage mobile traffic while solidifying the impression of their brand. With an optimized mobile website, consumers are able to easily navigate businesses and make purchases from the comfort of their own home.

Not only is mobile commerce beginning to exceed traditional web browsing, but the ability to purchase from the palm of your hand has led to staggering statistics. Through an optimized mobile website business are able to directly reach their consumers through enhanced targeting and geo-location services.

The average mobile user spends more than 15 hours a week researching various products and services. Of these users, 55 percent will make a purchase within an hour of visiting the website with 83 percent of users purchasing within the day. 93 percent will inevitably make a purchase based on the research they have gathered through their mobile browser.

However all of these statistics are irrelevant if the user is met with a poor mobile experience.

With consumers having a predetermined notion to purchase, it is important that a mobile website validates their desires immediately upon entry. According to The Huffington Post, if a mobile website takes more than 3 seconds to load, 7 percent of mobile users will leave a website altogether. 30 percent will entirely abandon a transaction if the shopping cart is not optimized for mobile commerce.

If your website is not user friendly, you could be pushing away your customers forever.

Research gathered from Google has found that 48 percent of users feel frustrated and annoyed when they visit non mobile-friendly websites. If a mobile website is not providing an exceptional user experience, consumers tend to feel as if a business does not care about them. More than half of users who have bad mobile experiences are less likely to continue to engage with the companies.

Enhance your business with professional mobile website development.

Utilizing WordPress and aftermarket plugins, we can build you a quality mobile website designed to optimize the user experience.

A South Florida web development company specializing in WordPress development, business consulting, social media management, and mobile website design, we can optimize your mobile website to increase traffic and enhance the user experience.

professional mobile websites
Enhance your business with professional mobile website development.

Our mobile websites are:

  • Simple. Clean. Easy to use.
  • 3x faster than traditional mobile websites.
  • Has a beautiful layout with larger print.
  • Features helpful menu icons for easy navigation.
  • Web App and iPhone integration.

A faster loading mobile website means that your customers will continue to return, investing their time and money into your business. Mobile commerce and consumption will continue to grow.

Having a premium mobile website could be the difference between retaining customers and losing them forever.

The time is now to invest into mobile website development for your business.

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By Brett Napoli

Founder, Developer & CEO at Ambition Insight. Web consultant, WordPress expert, web developer, graphic designer, entrepreneur, music festival enthusiast.