Social Media Marketing captures underpriced attention.

Social media marketing and earning attention platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube has become an essential and crucial practice for marketing nearly any business, product or service. 8 out of 10 small businesses are using social media to drive business, with 3 in 5 reporting new customers as a result. Whether or not you have established an online presence, your customers are already talking about your business on social media forums. Social media marketing lets you control the narrative by feeding your current and potential clients the information they want.

With 91% of adults owning a mobile phone, a strong social media presence is more important than ever. Our South Florida social media marketing services will help you setup and effectively manage your social media channels, increase your revenue, grow your website visitors and reach more potential customers.

Our Fort Lauderdale Social Media Management services include:

  • Professional Social Media Account Setup — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube
  • Social Media Management Training — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube
  • Social Media Advertising — Buying ads, targeting ads, reaching new followers and growing engagement
  • Influencer Marketing —  How to use it, where to find it and how to manage the process
  • Generating More Likes & Followers —  No fake followers! Real, organic followers only.
  • Keyword & Hashtag Optimization — Learn how to be part of the conversation in a real way.
  • Interaction Management — Control the conversation, respond the feedback and build relationships.
  • Creating Content — Engage your followers with contests, giveaways, livestreams and more. 

Grow your social media audience the right way.

Social media strategy is much more than simply posting content to your pages. Learn how to understand and engage your customers through highly targeted ads, media rich content, and timely updates.  Lead potential customers from attention to curiosity to value to engagement to purchase

Beware of “social media experts” – we’ll empower you to be the expert.

Many companies simply lack the time or experience of working deeply with social media platforms. As a result, by not maximizing the full functionality provided by these platform, they’re leaving money on the table. Social media consulting and strategy will save you the research while empowering you and your team to manage this highly critical marketing channel.

Social media marketing will enhance your sales, business development, customer service, reputation management, crisis management and branding while growing an online community you can market to and communicate to directly and as often as you’d like.

There is no singular strategy for how to manage social media. Our Fort Lauderdale social media experts work to fully understand your business objectives. We’ll help you to create a unique, comprehensive approach to social media management that will directly align with corporate goals. Our South Florida social media marketing experts will work with you to identify business goals and create a social media marketing strategy that will help you meet and exceed those goals.