Premium Vapor Pen Company Poised For Extensive Growth In 2015

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Dr Dabber continues to provide quality vape pens and vaporizer accessories.

Boca Raton, Florida – 2015 is looking to be the year of Dr Dabber. With more smokers increasingly adopting vaporizer technology, the premium vapor pen company continues to distinguish itself as a leading producer of vape pens & vape accessories.

A recent study conducted by Forbes revealed that 44% of smokers who used an electronic device during the past 12 months were of the Millennial generation.

Defined as those born between 1977-1994, Millennials are extremely loyal to the brands they identify with while yielding an extreme amount of buying power and social influence.

Dr Dabber has maintained appeal, authentically identifying with this demographic while engaging consumers through various social media channels.

Since releasing their Ghost Pen premium vape pen kit in 2013, Dr Dabber has continued to experience profound growth. The international vape pen supplier continues to ripple throughout the vaporizer community as the result of quality product design, commitment to customer service, and a comprehensive marketing strategy.

The culmination of years of research, the Ghost Pen is the ideal portable vaporizer pen.

premium vaporizer pen
The culmination of years of research, the Ghost Pen is the ideal portable vaporizer pen.

Minimalist packaging and product design provides users with a discreet, yet stylish and effective vape pen. Additionally the chamber is constructed of high quality titanium, providing ease when loading and cleaning. The resounding sentiment is that Dr Dabber’s vaporizer pens & vape accessories are excellent products conducive to a quality vaping experience.

Dr Dabber has continued to increase credibility, partnering with prestigious vaporizer communities and receiving resoundingly positive views from Cannabis Now,  The Vape Critic,  and many more. Having cultivated a retail partnership with Vapor Nation and pending endorsements from The High Times and Dabstars, 2015 is shaping up to be a monumental year for sustained growth and expansion.

High Times annual vape pen buyer’s guide has continued to be a leading resource among vaporizer enthusiasts. Since its first publication in 2012, High Times has reviewed dozens of vape pens based on durability, versatility, hit/pull, stealth, style, and ease of fill. With premium devices satisfying vapers around the world, expect an extensive review highlighting the quality of Dr Dabber’s Ghost Pen.

In continuing to provide the vaporizer community with a quality vape pen Dr Dabber has also partnered with Ambition Insight, a Fort Lauderdale Business Consulting and WordPress Web Design Agency. These strategic partnerships illustrate Dr Dabber’s commitment to providing the vaporizer community with innovative, quality products that optimize the vaping experience.

With an emphasis on providing a user friendly experience, Dr Dabber’s website has been redesigned to highlight features of Dr Dabber’s Ghost Pen and vaporizer accessories. The easy-to-navigate website is a one-stop destination for product features, assistance, video reviews, and a comprehensive troubleshooting section known as The Doctors Office.

premium vape pen
Dr Dabber’s newly redesigned website provides a user friendly experience while highlighting features of the Ghost Pen and vaporizer accessories.

As vaporizer pens continue to increase in popularity, Dr Dabber has positioned itself to capture a large portion of the market. With marijuana fully legalized in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington and decriminalized in twenty-four states, use of medicinal marijuana is projected to steadily increase. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health reports numbers of Americans ages 12 or older who regularly use marijuana has increased to 7.3%, up from 5.8% in 2007.

This minute, albeit significant rise has seen “vape” and derivatives of the word heavily intertwined into the daily lexicon; so much so that The Oxford Dictionary named “vape” its 2014 Word of the Year.

The lack of smoke generated by the atomized alternative offers a less harsh method of consumption with little residual smell. Portability and ease of use further contribute to increased adoption patterns over the past few years. With consumers shifting their preferences to electronic methods of consumption, variables are stacking up to propel the continued growth of Dr Dabber.

By continuing to engage in vaporizer forums such as F*ck Combustion and Reddit, among others, Dr Dabber shows it understands and cares about its community. A strong annual presence at the Cannabis Cup and Hemp Fest have further contributed to their increased influence.

An easy to use, quality vape pen, brand authenticity, favorable shifts in trends, an expanding marketplace and increased awareness are why Dr Dabber is primed to make a statement in the vaporizer community during 2015.

About Dr Dabber

Based in South Florida, Dr Dabber is a leading supplier of premium vaporizer pens and vape pen accessories. Since 2013, Dr Dabber has emphasized quality materials and superior customer service. Their commitment and authenticity have differentiated them as a preeminent supplier of quality vape pens to domestic and international markets.

For information and product updates, keep up with Dr Dabber through Facebook, Instagram, and the optimized company website.

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