Social Media Management Case Study

Social Media Strategy Approach:

Our approach for’s social media strategy was heavily focused on Facebook with primary supplementation from Twitter and Instagram.

fort lauderdale social media consulting
fort lauderdale social media consulting

We had extensive experience in the dance music space and were familiar with the types of content that would appeal to the EDM demographic.

To begin, we created and monitored media rich advertisements with targeted keywords, refining the process until our CPC’s were lowered to $0.08 per like. Once we determined the best performing advertisements, we invested in growing our audience, further targeting based upon artist likes, consumption patterns, travel behaviors, and other relevant variables.

Enhanced Community, Increased Engagement, Unique Content, Proven Results.

Our comprehensive social media management strategy was tailored around quality, unique content that is published to the website. In addition to providing our audience with relevant information, our social media strategy was supplemented with media rich content including custom graphics, humorous memes, video, sharing relevant pages within the community, and more.

We further engaged our community by partnering with culturally relevant companies for giveaways, asking questions, providing advice, and more.

social media management case study
A comprehensive resource generated 778 post clicks while reaching more than 16,768 people.

Comprehensive Resource Post:

The purpose of our 2015 EDM festival guide was to create a comprehensive, one-stop resource for music enthusiasts with information regarding location, lineup, travel, and ticket purchase information.

  • 16,768+ people reached
  • 778 post clicks
social media management case study
7,592+ people were reached through sharing content while creating relationships between brands.

Content Sharing/Entertainment Post:

Sharing content from resources relevant to the community provide followers with various types of media while establishing a relationship between brands.

  • 7,592+ people reached
  • 1,266 post clicks
social media management case study
Periodically engaging the community shows that their opinion is valued.

Community Engagement/Question Post:

Engaging the community by asking simple, relevant questions adds a level of humanism to the social media strategy while showing their opinion is valued.

  • 3,478 people reached
  • 205 post clicks
social media management case study
Posting culturally relevant images will invoke an emotional response.

Creative Imagery Post:

Invokes emotional response through tying cultural relevancy to community images.

  • 17,160+ people reached
  • 583 post clicks
social media management case study
Utilizing humor that is relevant to your audience will significantly increase reach.

Community Humor Post:

This post illustrates an on-site occurrence in the dance music community. It is designed to capture engagement through relevance and humor.

  • 23,344+ people reached
  • 938 post clicks
social media management case study
Total Facebook page likes increased from 0 t0 nearly 55,000 followers is less than one year.
social media management case study
The average organic reach of each Facebook post has surpassed 3,000 users.
social media management case study
By utilizing various media types, the organic post reach has reached 60,000 people.
social media management case study
The total organic reach continues to increase from month to month.
social media management case study
This chart illustrates the average audience engagement through different post types.

Social Media Case Study Results

The results from our social media campaign with have been astounding. Website traffic has increased more than 200% while organically growing the social media following from 0 to more than 60,000 collective followers.

By remaining active, monitoring social media trends, and utilizing various forms of rich media, individual post engagement has reached 60,000 people per post, with more than 10,000 users reached through links.

Our social media management strategy has not only increased their social media following, but elevated the business to the next level.

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