This is a 7-hour WordPress seminar dedicated to helping you learn and understand how to use WordPress to build and manage your website. Topics will include everything from setup to writing posts, tagging, categories, using images, embedding videos, integrating social media and much more.

Course Details: (Course covers the following topics)

  1. Introduction to WordPress – What, Why, How
    • Understand why 70 million websites run on this platform and why you need to get involved
  2. WordPress Basics– Step-by-step review of all the features of the administration panel
    • One by one we will review each and every section of the panel, what it does and how to use it.
    • This section of the seminar will take up the first half of the day
  3. Writing Posts
    • It’s more than just bold, italic and a link or two. Here we explain how to write SEO friendly posts that engage visitors and get your website noticed.
  4. Using Tags & Categories
    • Content without structure is a mess that nobody can understand. Keep it simple and organized and your readers will thank you.
  5. How to use Plugins & Widgets
    • How to install them, where to find them, how to find them, how to use them, what they can be used for and how they are the difference between your site being average or amazing. Enable people to interact, submit content, vote, search and engage your visitors just like some of the most popular websites on the web.
  6. Popular & Must-have Plugins
    • Discover not just the plugins you want but the plugins you need. A collection of our favorites, most effective, most useful, easiest to install and more.
  7. Common Plugin Usage & Widget Placement
    • Now you’ve got the Plugins, here’s how to use them. Plugin installation, setup, customization, removal, common placement and usage.
  8. Making Money!Ads, Pay-Per-Click and Affiliate Marketing
    • Get introduced to some of the web’s highest performing affiliate programs, PPC programs and how to sell private advertising
  9. Discussion– Using and Managing Comments & Trackbacks
    • Comment threads, etiquette, avatars and driving user engagement. We’ll cover how to use Disqus to manage your comments and increase viewership. This is one of the more important elements of driving traffic to a blog.
  10. WordPress Themes
    • We’ll discuss my favorite WordPress theme, Pagelines Framework. This drag and drop interface allows you to develop high end web properties with loads of capabilities. I build 95% of my websites using this theme and now you’ll understand why.
  11. Popular WordPress Themes & Theme Providers
    • We’ll talk about some of the other places to get themes and what I feel is the best course of action.
  12. User Management, Profiles, Multiple Authors
  13. Roles & Permissions
  14. Using RSS Feeds
  15. Customizing Themes
  16. Developing with Pagelines Framework
  17. Website Maintenance
  18. Using Online Video
  19. Integrating Social Media
    • Show off your Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Google+ page, YouTube video feed and much more. One-click sharing on StumbleUpon and all your favorite social networks.
  20. Search Engine Optimization
    • Get introduced to our favorite SEO plugins, the Google Keyword tool and Google Analytics, how to use them and how to get search engines working in your favor.

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